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Basic Health Matters This forum addresses how to be well and stay well in spite of your MS!

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Old 03-07-2012, 09:26 PM
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Weightloss Checkin Group: Weighin for 3/8/12

Hi Everyone. I saw the most amazing thing online, a blood hound that had a face lift and tummy tuck. Actually the poor thing had skin hanging over his eyes and could not see so it wasnít considered cosmetic. Also the tummy tuck was necessary because excess skin was interfering with him walking and running. I donít think any of us are in such dire straits but it is good to know such surgery is available when one feeis the need. Weight loss sometimes results in sagging skin and people do have it removed. And tummy tucks are quite common. Hey, whatever makes one feel better. I am pleased that I lost half a pound. I now weigh 115.5. Iíll try for another half pound this week.

Agate, glad to see you back. I was concerned about you. 113is a very good number but I understand wanting to lose a bit more. Yours is a true success story.

Poohbar, what a loss. You did it again. Good for you. You are definitely heading toward the 150's. I just know you will make it. Keep up the momentum.

Sparky, that pizza will do it every time, but it is so good. The gain may be because of the extra salt that is usually in pizza. I am going to write about salt and weight gain, which is temporary, one of these days. It can distort actual weight. Good luck.

Mamabug, the gain is probably residual from your vacation. You will lose those extra pounds in no time. I know your waist measurement will go down too. You have done such an outstanding job all around. Best wishes.

Hunterd, I donít know what to make of a 3" loss in your waist but a two inch gain in your belly. Maybe it has to do with exercise. I am going to put you down for a pound lost. That is great that you saw a dietitian. I do hope you got some good tips. Keep going in the right direction.

Audima, itís good to see you back. As we know staying the same is good news. Your plan to eat more in the morning is a good one. A good breakfast helps stave off hunger for the rest of the day. Good luck.

LisaL77, That is great that you lost, and over a pound at that. You are on your way. You asked if it was too late to post. Anytime is all right. I will just put in the information for the next Thursday. It is important to weigh on the same day of the week so you have a weekly total. Keep up the good work.

Richchaviv, what a loss! Good for you. You are now in the 200's which is a milestone. I hope you are giving yourself credit. That is very interesting about the red and white plates. Thank you for reporting this. Keep up the momentum.

Ffjosh, a pound lost is very good. The average weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds per week. The exception is when one has a great deal to lose. It isnít healthy to lose too much. Those 1 and 2 pounds add up faster than you realize. Keep up the good work.

For those who may have an interest in joining our dedicated group, our members each have their own personal methods of weight loss. Some are on Weight Watchers, some on Atkins for example and some just cut calories. I personally lost quite a lot of weight in the beginning using Atkins and then just cut portions while eating everything. The method is not the most important thing, it is staying focused and following the plan.

We post weight loss, gain, stayed the same, from Thursday to Thursday and have been doing so for over eight years. We are truly dedicated to get rid of those pesky pounds and keep them off. You donít have to state your actual weight. Itís a matter of choice.

Tip for the Week:

There are times when one feels like going through the process of eating even when having had enough calories. Those are risky times because it is so easy to eat just one more helping or half a helping of protein and fat foods or high carb foods. The best solution at such times is to eat lots of low carb vegetables. Pig out on asparagus, celery, cabbage or other low calory delights, That is why salad is so great. You can put all kinds of low carb veggies in that give a delightful crunch. Of course with salad one must be very careful of the dressing. Munch away.

Weight loss Results for 3/1/12:

Total Loss:

9.6 pounds by five members. That is a very good total. You all are an inspiration and your success keeps us going. Keep those pounds coming off.

Total Gain:

3.3 pounds by three members. A gain is disappointing but as we know reporting it helps one stay aware and focused on doing better in the future. Reporting a gain helps one to stay committed to the goal. Donít be discouraged.

Stayed the same:

2 members. As we know, staying the same truly is success, especially for those who are maintaining. Just keep remembering it is the time before the next loss if you have more to lose.

3269.7 is the total weight loss for the past 9 years. Now that we have hit 1.5 tons we are on our way to losing two tons.
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