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Aging with MS

Pam Tobias 04/12/2018

That same year, 1994 I applied for and was hired by the NEISD in San Antonio, Tx it was also the exact time period

I was diagnosed with Multiple Schlerosis.  I was almost 47.

I’d always done office work of some sort, accounting or receptionist work.  I enjoyed working, but when I was hired to work as a Teacher’s Assistant I can honestly say it was my favorite job ever!  I loved working with children and helping them to learn.

Every morning when I woke up to get ready for work I felt I had a higher calling, a purpose.   It wasn’t just to help some

company make a profit, but to actually to make a difference in a child’s life!  (There is nothing wrong with a company making a profit…that’s how they stay in business!

I absolutely loved my job.  Eventually, I worked in CMC (Content Master) which meant students were sent to me to tutor them in various subjects, practice multiplication tables, learn their spelling words, or help with a science project.  It was never boring and was different everyday.   Everyone needs a little help now and then and that’s what these children needed. (Just a little extra help in understanding their assignment.

My MS started out relapsing-remitting like most people with MS start out.  I would have a “spell” or exasperation maybe once or twice a year.  Of course fatigue was difficult especially when I had playground duty during day or after school.  It was really hot in that San Antonio, Tx HEAT!  I tried not to complain much though because I never wanted to make excuses for me.  I probably tried too much to be like everyone else!  (but I shouldn’t have because having MS made me DIFFERENT than everyone else!  I always have said, hire a disabled person because they work harder than the average worker…trying to prove they’re normal!

Eventually, I needed a cane, then a four prong cane, then a walker, then a power chair.  I still worked extremely hard to prove I was like everyone else!

After thirteen years I retired at 59.  I didn’t want to, but was admitted to the hospital with acute mylocytic leukemia (AML).

I was in hospital for nearly six months and was extremely sick. After I was released from the hospital I felt it best to just not return to work.

I always liked to paint or draw.  In fact I was the one that teachers went to when they needed something drawn for class or

Bulletin board.  I remember doing, the white House, The U.S. Capital, The Egyptians, Fairy Tales, Pioneers or wagon trains.

Of course I did these when I had no students and when I had free time.  I’ve sent lots of poems, short stories and paintings to MSWORLD.  I recommend this for others who like to create to send your creations to MSWORLD.

After retiring what helped me so much was ALIR (Academy of Learning In Retirement)  I took many classes and met other retirees.

I’m getting around now with a walker.  I take very small steps and walk very SLOW.  I don’t go out much at all anymore.

I’m almost 70 years old now.  Its not easy.  I have many spasms in the bone behind my left ear.  Its quite painful!

Because of other neck issues my neurologist will not give me BOTOX in my neck for pain.  So really the only thing that helps me is ice putting it directly on that spot behind my left ear.  I drive holding ice on it as the pain is very bad.

I know I should move more.  I feel if I had a pool I would move easier but I don’t and I really don’t go to Physical Therapy anymore. I sound depressed just reading this but I’m just telling you my story as truthfully as I can.  I sound very LAZY as well.

I love art class but haven’t even felt like attending my art classes anymore.  My husband has retired this year.  He is one who is always staying busy.  I’m so glad he’s like that.  That’s what anyone who retires needs to do regularly!

I’ve had MS for 24 years now. So I guess you could say I have aged having MS! (not necessarily well)

This is my short story.  I hope this helps others with MS to keep up with OUR slogan, and KEEP MOVING!



Ps  After many years not getting too much worse they say I have SECONDARY PROGRESSIVE MS.




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