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Laugh or Cry

F. Alexander Brejcha and Sharon M. Hulihan 07/05/2015

Brejcha and Hulihan both have MS and Brejcha uses a wheelchair and Hulihan used a walker. Hulihan is an award-winning Hollywood producer and former talk show host and Brejcha works nights at Tenet’s Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia where his laptop has also enable him to become an established writer of books, stories, and articles.

We all like a good laugh. Plus, laughter has been said to be good medicine and best of all – free. Laughing at our MS and other maladies may be difficult for some and earlier for others.

Brejcha and Hulihan find laughing at MS and the situations we find ourselves in, natural and worth sharing.

“…(our book) will hopefully, put a smile on your face and laughter in your heart. It was written with all readers in mind because my associate and I both have disabilities, and if we are able to find humor in our circumstances, perhaps we can help others also find some acceptance and relief in difficult times.”

This book may never get on the New York Times best seller list but I am a person who likes to decide what I like or not. I often ignore the Oscar award winners picking the movies that sound good to me.

This is one of those books. I can pick it up, read a few stories, chuckle and come back to it later. Some stories I hope I never relate to! A story about Brejcha and a friend of his going out to eat hit home and I could visualize the situation as I have several friends who are blind.

“Dinner at Chi Chi’s”
“. . . we decided to go to Chi Chi’s restaurant for dinner . . . well here we come, me in a massive power wheelchair, and Joe with his imposing German Shepard guide dog. A panicked greeter approached us, and after a long look at my wheelchair – not looking at ME – she turned to Joe with a mounting look of alarm, and then she looked at sweet Esta who was sitting there, in harness, perfectly poised . . . A look of relief crossed the greeter’s face . . . and for a brief moment I was sure she was going to ask Esta: “Where would they like to sit?

If you like a good laugh and compilation of short, easy to read stories, you will like this book. If you would rather laugh than cry about having MS, or any special need, this book will be a nice addition to your library.

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