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Life Interrupted

Chris M. Talevosian 07/05/2015

This is a very easy to read account of a man with MS, whose behaviors led to a divorce. He now realizes that his own emotional response to having MS had a very negative impact on the people around him.

His hope is that by expressing what he feels went wrong with his marriage, and his contributions to that sad ending, he can prevent others from making the same mistakes. Chris Tatevosian is imploring those of us with MS to realize that while we are the one suffering from the disease, MS is having a dramatic impact on loved ones around us.

This is a worthy goal. I wonder how well those of us with a life altering condition can recognize and change our destructive behaviors in a timely manner.

I will be more aware that my behavior is a threat to the peace and tranquility of those around me, after reading his account (It is NOT all about me….a new mantra). The tools to achieve this goal were not well defined in the book, and honestly those tools may be beyond the scope of the author’s intent.

As someone newly diagnosed with MS (4-1-11), it was a good book for me to read so I can be aware of the pitfalls of typical human behavior. Yet, I also feel that it may be a book better suited to someone who has more time and experience dealing with what the disease may mean to long-term acceptance and personal behaviors.

Review By: Karen Hall

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