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Life is an Adventure

Teresa M. Campbell 07/05/2015

Teresa Campbell is professor emeritus at San Francisco State University where she taught nursing. Her medical knowledge is apparent in this autobiographic book. Also apparent is her adventurous spirit and her curiosity about the world and its people.

Ms. Campbell’s book is very well organized and, as she’s lived with MS for well over thirty years, covers almost all aspects of life with the relapsing/remitting form of MS from its beginning symptoms through the more serious disabilities of the secondary/progressive stage. She is particularly eloquent writing about the Americans with Disabilities Act and the need for advocacy.

So many books written by or about those with MS begin with a description of some nagging symptom, such as numb toes or tingling hands and this book is no exception in that regard. What is exceptional about Ms. Campbell’s story is the amount of traveling she does and the ways she’s learned to minimize the effect the disease has on her plans. I was not terribly taken with the story itself, but the book makes a fine addition to the reference shelf for, though narrative in style, there is a great deal of practical information packed within its pages. Ms. Campbell has been there and done that as far as MS goes. If you have MS and are looking for useful answers to the many questions disability raises you might well benefit from her experience.

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