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Managing Multiple Sclerosis Naturally

Judy Graham 07/05/2015

This book is packed full of ways you can proactively, and naturally, manage your MS. Judy Graham has had MS for over 35 years and is still walking and working. She attributes her good health primarily to following the right diet and maintaining emotional health. One of her goals in writing this book was to simply provide healthier ways to live your life.

The book begins with a brief, but detailed, description of what exactly MS is, and the possible cause of MS. It then goes on about hundreds of things we can do, or not do, physically and emotionally, to fight MS. The data is both scientific and anecdotal and is documented by people in countries all around the world. At the end of the book, you will find a variety of websites and other books that can be used for MS support.

A few approaches of controlling MS which are talked about are:

The “Best Bet Diet”, “In a nut shell, the Best Bet Diet involves completely giving up: Gluten, Dairy, Legumes, Refined Sugars and Food to which you show sensitivity”.
Pilates and yoga exercise techniques which are stated as being highly effective in alleviating specific problems with MS, and
Using Meditation and guided imagery as tools for emotional well-being.
Whether you have had MS for years, or are new to MS, I think you will find this book to be a comprehensive, positive, and inspirational source of information that can help us fight MS in a natural way.

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