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Multiple Sclerosis, an Enigma

Terry Crawford Palardy 07/05/2015

“It’s true; I was typically a healthy person.” “And there were headaches when I spent time in the sun, and nausea and exhaustion when the heat became too much in the summer”

So starts the description of Terry Palardy’s life – her life before Multiple Sclerosis showed itself. She lived with her husband and raised her children, successfully as a teacher. And always did the right thing. She took care of both sets of parents, juggling their care along with getting her children through school.

But when she started having tremors, she assumed it was the Parkinson’s disease that her father had struggled with. But there was also the fatigue that had affected her, and the heat in the summer, and the vision difficulties that she attributed to eye strain from grading papers at night. All of these things, while familiar to those diagnosed with M.S., are confusing to a person who is still struggling with medical professionals who make the final diagnosis.

Terry changed her diet to exclude red meat and fat, and started feeling more healthy, and lost weight. She tried to take control of the stressful aspects of her life, and retired from full-time teaching. She did the right things. And her relationship with her husband continued to support her and uplift her. With much personal research and knowledge, and with the knowledge of her doctors, she also made the decision to take herself off of the meds that she had been taking for M.S.

Her decision was one that many people consider. But few doctors support the decision. Being a “captive audience”, we think about the what ifs and the uncertainties. And if we have developed a strong relationship with our health care team, going against their advice could be intimidating. We give the author credit for taking responsibility for her decisions.

And since no one has a crystal ball to foretell the future, I guess we will just have to wait to see the outcome. Good luck, Terry.

Reviewed by Lynn Chambers

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