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Multiple Sclerosis Manifesto

Julie Stachowiak, PhD 07/05/2015

This book is AMAZING. Being newly diagnosed with MS, this book was a wonderful explanation of many different aspects of MS. It includes discussions and explanations of what the disease is, your symptoms, issues with the choice and utilization of your doctor, treatment options, enjoying life, relationships, and emotions.

Dr. Stachowiak suffers from MS. She writes about her personal trials and tribulations along with research she has done to understand the disease. Her witty and humorous way to explaining material is a joy to read. She starts the book with, “Okay, multiple sclerosis sucks. it truly does. Let’s just get that out there.” She is also the writer researcher for the MS site; and, her humor and excellent explanations continue on that site.

One great example of the thoroughness of her thinking and research is: “How to talk to your Doctor about your symptoms.” I have observed discussions about this topic frequently on the MSWorld Forum – Dr. Stachowiak outlines what should be done before talking to your doctor. She recommends nothing issues daily in chart format before the appointment, such as: fatigue, eyesight, balance, and incontinence.

One of her gray boxes (used throughout the book to reinforce the topic under discussion) is a great example of the power and strength that reading this book gave me. She says, “MS is scary; it is. Make it less scary by turning unknowns into knowns and uncontrollables into controllables whenever you can.” That what this book has started to do for me.

Reviewed by: Zilphia01

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