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Now Is The Time

Aida Abboud 11/06/2018
Now is the time

Now is the time
To let the flower that we are created to be
Release the aroma of peace and serenity
To let it blossom, shimmer and sparkle
In our desert barren land
To let the liberty bell calling  for hope
Ring unceasingly in the heart of men
Now is the time
For the face of  humanity to be refreshed
To let our light shine thru darkness
Trust and mercy be our companions
To let the One who made heaven and earth
Sketch His rainbow in our hearts and souls
Creating contentment and happiness
Now is the time
For the echoes of desolation and misery
Be filled with the voices of comfort and charity
Let the light of faith and humility
Dissipate the clouds of doubt and indifference
Graces  and blessings will overflow
From the sky of our existence
Now is the time
To find peace in our inner self
To let the joy of salvation enter our being
For the soul to be nourished by the spiritual food
Of righteousness and unselfishness
For love to triumph and fill the universe
Now is the time
For a new horizon to emerge in Colors
For our hearts to be opened
To let the sun of mercy enter into every fibre of our being
Soothing and warming the hearts of the needy
Loneliness, suffering, fear and sadness are no more
Faith and hope are forevermore


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