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Rising Up!

Anna York 07/05/2015

When I first read this title, my reaction was ‘Recovery? What kind of snake oil is this?’ I am so glad I read on. Mrs. York does not claim to have a cure for MS. She does not say that she no longer has MS. What she does tell us are the ways she used to recover her strength, stop using a wheelchair, and be drug-free interwoven with her powerful story of faith, joy, hope and love.

Mrs. York was thought to be near death with total paralysis from her MS. She began a healthy eating program – first Roy Laver Swank’s Multiple Sclerosis Diet book, then vegetarian and then vegan. She also used Tai Chi both as a form of exercise and physical therapy. All this combined with faith and prayer over many years helped her recover capabilities that were lost to MS.

Mrs. York says her husband describes her as ‘non-statistical’. Truly, she is one of a kind. Can her success be duplicated? I don’t know – it’s like having lightning strike twice in the same place – it happens, just not often. But her story and her depth of faith are inspiring and this book is very much worth reading just for that! I was captivated with this book from the first page and could not put it down!

Reviewed by Rakunbar

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