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The Empowered Patient

Elizabeth Cohen 07/04/2015

Elizabeth Cohen is a Senior Medical Correspondent for CNN. The cover of her book says this book will tell you ‘How to Get the Right Diagnosis, Beat Your Insurance Company, Buy the Cheapest Drugs and Get the Best Medical Care Every Time’, but there’s a lot more than that in this book.

Cohen defines a “Bad Patient” as one who asks lots of questions, doesn’t worry if their doctor likes them and remembers that a doctor/patient relationship is a business relationship. Cohen recommends that we all become “Bad Patients” and be our own health-care advocate!

Cohen has practical suggestions about finding the right doctor and firing the wrong one; how to make sure you understand the diagnosis and what to do when you leave the doctor’s office; how to become an Internet medical detective (not a ‘cyberchondriac’- thinking you have some dreaded disease you read about on the Internet when you just have something minor); how to get good drugs cheap and how not to fall for medical marketing; and how to protect yourself in a hospital.

Cohen’s stories are dramatic examples of what can happen if you aren’t a “Bad Patient”, but getting a better, healthier outcome to any medical issue every time is a benefit for everyone.

This book is a good read for any patient and a good reference to have on your bookshelf.

Review By: Kathy Wood

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The book review represents the opinions of the writer only. You may have a different opinion when you read this book. Information shared here is not for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. For specific information and advice, consult your personal physician.



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