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The Mezquita Cordoba to Music

Margaret Fernandez 08/02/2017

Here is a popular morisque song from 12thC – it fits perfectly with the Mezquita as that was during the Arab reign in Europe with Córdoba as the capital. This Mezquita in Córdoba started being built in the 10thC and was finished in the 14thC.

This is me and 2 friends playing – I am the bassoonist. Unfortunately my hands are getting bad so don´t know how much longer I will be able to play.

I feel so strange

inside the Mezquita.

Time stopped centuries ago

at the ablutions fountain

in the Patio de Naranjos.

I am transported

far away.

Only shuffling feet

sound on the cool floor.

The ochre and white arches

face me in endless lines.

There is a musky smell

of old stone

mingled with herbs.

The Muezzin’s chant

floats down

from the minaret.

The robed Imán

talks from the Mihrab

in strange but soft

guttural tones.

Though the air

is warm and still

the marble is cold

to the touch.

I am in the presence

of splendour,

in the gold leaf plating

and ornate plaster.

I am two eyes

with no body,

seeing inside a secret place

that belongs to others.




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