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What Nurses Know… Multiple Sclerosis

Carol Saunders, BA, BSN, MSCN 07/05/2015

This is a good book for anyone with MS – whether you’ve had it for years or are newly diagnosed. It provides easy to understand information about what MS is; how it’s diagnosed and treated; how exacerbations are treated; and alternative and complementary treatment options. It also talks about ‘who to tell, when to tell and whether to tell’ and the unique issues MS brings to all relationships.

Two things impressed me about this book – it’s the first book I’ve seen that discusses sexuality issues and recommends discussing issues with your partner and your doctor. The second thing that impressed me was that it mentions where to get online support (including! Before I read this book, I was comfortable that I knew all I needed to know about MS, but I learned things from this book that I didn’t know before such as:

To limit salt and potassium rich foods when taking IV steroids
To treat an MS nurse as a valuable resource because they can help you with the problems of day to day living that doctors just don’t talk about.
To evaluate alternative or complementary treatment options, discuss them with my doctor and choose wisely to use them or not.
Reviewed by Rakunbar

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