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You Are NOT Your Illness

Linda Noble Topf, M.A. with Hal Zina Bennett, PhD; Foreword by Bernie S. Siegel, M.D. 07/05/2015

This is an interesting look at how to find meaning in life through challenges that come with chronic illness. Linda Noble Topf has Multiple Sclerosis and it is her ability to live beyond her illness that helped her put together this book. This is a book about self-exploration, coping with change and getting the most out of life. She offers a paradigm for shifting perception of illness from behaving as a victim to exploring the journey of life.

Her book takes on a workbook approach, offering exercises to help the reader explore various aspects of self. Her approach is positive and step by step for anyone interested in learning more about themselves and how they might improve quality of life through good coping skills and personal insight. She has identified seven principles for “meeting the challenge”. These are the keys to personal change that the author uses in her daily life and here she shares with you what helps her embrace the difficulties of day to day living with chronic illness.

Linda Noble Topf offers personal experience and insight on difficult life situations and a way to cope. Her book is interesting, thoughtful, and helpful to anyone who is sorting through the challenges of life. At the very least her book offers inspiration and may help open minds to other ways of viewing and living with chronic illness.

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