And now I have a question, I was earlier in my room with the lights on+a lamp(very bright) so I was seeing blurry when I just now put my lappy on.
I had struggles reading so I went downstairs in more dimmed lights and it is a bit better.
But I was watching a film and I kept seeing red glows around the people or like red eyes and like there's blood on them.
I go to mom: Wow look at all that blood, yikes...(it was a horror kind of but the scene wasn't too um much action in it yet)
So she goes: what blood..?
I go: don't you see it?
So I explain and she says she doesn't see none of that.
I'm not sure what it is but it's still there.
Perhaps of not resting my eyes enough and being in the too light room earlier upstairs?(Was doing some things on the computer for a bit before I went downstairs)