I was dx in 2002 and had my worst flares that year that all went away and in 2009 lost some vision. I am still able to work full time but reading alot of the posts here it scares me. Are there more of you out there that MS has not severly changed your life,that you continue to work and raise your family and enjoy life pretty much the same with just a few interruptions? I would like to hear from you. They say the disease modifying meds has lessened the number of relapes and the severity, so tell your uplifting story that your med seems to be helping you. I have been on avonex for 9 years with my last mri 2 months ago staying stable. Now experiencing a mini relapse or pseudo relapse do to some activities I participated in last weekend. ??? But hopeful that I can continue to work fulltime till retirement, especially since I carry the health ins.