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This is what I've been trying to explain to folks. When I way there are NO GPs is taking patients, I mean exactly that! Even friends on the mainland don't get it because the doctor shortage hasn't hit them as hard, at least not yet. I know it's difficult to get a GP, but not actually impossible as it is here.
I so can relate but don't give up - miracles do happen as I can finally breathe a sigh of relief that after four years by an absolute fluke I found an end to my GP dilemma. My husband found out about a new GP in Victoria almost 2 years ago, I called & put my name on a wait list (they were still taking names then), and to my absolute astonishment I got a call a couple of months ago saying my name had come to the top of their list and was I still looking for a GP.
I jumped at the chance and made a meet & greet apt then and there.
So it can happen and I sincerely hope that it will happen for you.