Once again I am pillow shopping for comfortable back support while reading or watching tv in bed for 2-3 hours. At this moment i can count 10 pillows of the best quality after spending literally hundreds of dollars and I still haven't quite figured this out.

The best combination right now is a thin wedge pillow against headboard(keeps pillows from pressing through) and next a large square pillow, to even out support, then an oversized triangular pillow with a custom made cover to maintain its shape, with a tempur-pedic pillow behind my head. This is seriously the best I've come up with, and an occasional use of a self inflating lumbar pillow when I want a little extra. I am still shopping.

I even tried out a tempur-adjustable bed... horrible.

I just purchased another pillow system from Brookstone and thought, Maybe I should get some advice!

I'm up most of the day but when I need to relax mid afternoon and evenings I just cannot get comfortable. Am I the only one?