I have been home a week now (week 1 being the Lemtrada week) and have been through a lot of changes during the week.

I posted that update to the blog (click on 69mustang, the blog is listed as my last name).

I also posted a page on the Protocol, Side Effects we experienced and side effects we did not. That is in the "Pages" section as its own document to put the information in an easy to access spot.

I know this treatment is going to turn back the clock on my main symptom- fatigue (i can deal with cog & pain- I just really want my energy back). I am already thinking of things I want to do- and my mind had pretty much turned that faucet off in the past years- because I knew what I couldn't do, my limits. So the fact that I am 'free thinking' about going and doing is a monumental mental shift that I think my brain is making as it senses my body is less restrained!

I just need to get through my own self-imposed sequester to avoid catching 'bugs'- I know I will be off to the races soon.

I plan to update the blog weekly for now- probably on Thursday or Friday. My first lab draw is in two weeks and I will definitely post those results.