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Hi Marco!

I know that the post is from 2014, as is the link you provided. Can you tell us how the endurance is today? Maybe share your routines to get strength back etc.

I am wondering how close to normal (pre-MS) you have come five years later. Or has MS gained a foothold outside of the spasticity relief?

My endurance today is much better than in 2014, or even 2018. Over the past few years my walking has improved as my leg strength is stronger. When I first got my pump I was mostly confined to a wheelchair so my muscles were on the decline. Fortunately, I still had enough leg strength to walk when I got my pump. Some people wait too long and use excess tone (spasticity, rigid legs) to ambulate and then struggle after the spasticity is removed.

Before and after pump installation, I did physical therapy to help strengthen my legs. Now my only routine is to walk as best I can to maintain my legs. Pre-MS I was in the military so I was in top notch shape and 30 years younger. I'm definitely not the same person, but that was a lifetime ago.

I still love, adore, and cherish my pump that has been such a blessing to me and my family. In about two years I will be getting a new pump as the batteries last about 7 years. Amazing how time flies by...

I wish you well...