I have been experiencing a tightness just under my ribcage. It has been mild but noticable. Then one night about a month ago I had it again, but this time it radiated to my back and had sharp pains that felt like it was in my spine. It lasted for hours, then went away for about a few weeks. Then tonight I started feeling like I was having trouble swallowing, and that was uncomfortable, then I began having a feeling of the tightness under my rib cage that then moved around my waist and upper abdoment. It felt like the contractions I use to get when I was pregnant, like a moving muscle contraction, not really painful but tight and constricting. Then it became really annoying and my stomach felt really tight. My partner suggested that it was muscle related so I took some baclofen and it relieved it almost 90 percent. What a relief, I was almost ready to go to the ER, the tight contraction was really scary. Anyone know if this is the hug? and how long does it last, weeks? months?