I am new to all this and figure this may be the best place to get used to talking to folks about what has been going on with me. It sort of feels like living somebody else's life. I am a mom and teacher living in Denver. Past few years came down gradually with symptoms neck pain, hand tremor (right), headaches that never stop, right side numbness and tingling, funky right foot, elbow kinda jolts,now my favorite- body jerking at night or when sitting in a resting position. Saw a couple neurologists second one referred me to an immunological doc. Found lyme and some sort of c1 deficiency. So, was given combo of if antibiotics a nd solumederol once an for 6wks plus oral antibiotics. Got tests back clear of lyme and c1 deficiency is improved. But my symptoms are worse than 3 months ago, recently even had a fall stepping down two stairs. My leg just sort of gave out from under me and folded suddenly. Recent Ct scan (ordered due to headaches worsening) indicated brain changes consistent with lesions. Scheduled for a new MRA in Jan. Immunological doc wants to give my immune system 6 weeks to"reset" I just don't know what to think, kinda wish we could just get the new MRA done now. Should I push for this or remain patient? Any experiences out there similar that could help me decide? Thanks, in advance, for listening.