I'm not sure if this is a form of parasthesia or not. If not, please let me know so I'll not only be able to post it under the right part of the message board, but I'll also be able to look up other info on it if it has its own name.

At times, usually when I'm really tired, and so susceptible to heightened symptoms, besides the normal types of parasthesia that I get, I sometimes experience pain in my teeth very similar to what a normal toothache would feel like, except this pain is not a sharp pain, it's more of an ache, and it's not localized in just one tooth, but it's spread out over several teeth, usually the top front teeth. If it gets really pronounced, every tooth on the bottom and top have this dull painful ache.

Does anybody know if this is just another manifestation of parasthesia, or does it have another name?