Long story short, I'd been really grouchy for awhile. Exhausted, not able to focus for long, etc. I realized after awhile it was from unceasing neuro pain. I'd been taking the same amount of Gabapentin, 2400-3600 (give/take a few hundred mgs.) for the past 5-6 years. It wasn't working as well for me anymore. It crept up so slowly that I didn't pt it all together.

I tolerated gabapentin quite well, no issues, and when it worked well it was a life saver! But I wasn't getting enough relief. So doc said to try Lyrica. Hrm. Skeptical. A few days ago I took my first dose. Joy! The burning, stabbing, needling, tingling in my arms, face, and legs quieted to a beautiful dull awareness...then, JOY! I had almost 2 hours of NO pain and just mild-feeling numb weirdness.

I admit, I fricken' cried from relief. I am taking 400mg, spread out in 4 doses through the day/evening. I hope-hope-hope Lyrica continues to work for me...as I am allergic to tricyclic antidepressants and Cymbalta (terrible cardiac issues from both), so end of the neuro-pain line for me.

Just wanted to post in case some one was in the same pain-boat.