Hey, I have been a lurker on this site since way back in January 2016 when I first started having symptoms. It is now November and I finally have a diagnosis of RRMS as of 11/22/16. Currently waiting on Tricare to approve IV infusions of Rituxan so I can begin treatment.
Apparently the last piece of the puzzle was a Nerou/Psych eval that revealed several deficits in short term memory, processing speed, learning and fine motor skill.

The Dr who preformed the test is already recommending I quit work as a Correctional Officer and seek disability due to the results. He conferred with my MS specialist and she agrees.

I had a few questions for you experienced MSers out there.

Is Rituxan a common first treatment option or does it mean my RRMS is more advanced?

Given that I am only 27 with a wife and daughter going a Disability seems drastic. I have been struggling greatly at work but still. Anyone else went on disability soon after their DX?

What are some resources that helped you early on?

I have a PCP and a MS specialist(whom is a 3 hour drive away) Do I need a regular Neurologist closer to home as well?

Anything you wish you had known soon after dx? Tips?

I am currently in the GA National Guard as well so any NG veterans input would be valuable as well in regard to my Military career.

I had more questions but my memory fails me right now. (Damn MS!) I feel really overwhelmed with all the looming decisions right now. Any help and or guidance would be much appreciated right now.