Hi Jerry,
Yes your absolutely right you shouldn't be blamed for seeking some solutions. And i don't. I applaud your enthusiasm if anything and maybe envy you for it..Because I've been struggling to maintain any kind of positive attitude for a while now, I'm kinda 'over it' and tired of fighting. So to ya.

I'll probably improve, I've been down many times before, but i must admit that i don't feel like trying this time.

If you've read the other posts in here you may remember that I also was debating whether to take Lemtrada or not. I've put things 'on hold' for a while but I'm still very interested following you and craige and others that have shared their Lemtrada experience over the last year or so.

Craig hasn't posted for awhile - hopefully everythings ok- and there has been a decided slow down of activity on msw in general -as we've been discussing elsewhere. Aside from our ms issues - there are a lot of stressful things going on lately for people to deal with so maybe when the dust settles a bit we'll see more activity on here again.
I hope so.So keep posting.