Five of us checked in this week.


I counted two.

Three missed their goals. Two of you were sick; it's important to listen to your bodies. And, you all keep trying. Good job.

Exercise Tip:

Instead of an exercise tip this week, I'm simply going to say this:

If you are having trouble meeting your goal, set a new one.
One of the first things tips included being realistic. If you're not meeting your goal, then, for some reason, it is not currently realistic for you.
It might be because it's physically too difficult. It might be because you lack motivation.
Just set a new goal, and make it realistic for you. You can always come back to this goal later. Set a goal, this week, where you can aim for success.

Hunter -- That means you. Might apply to others too. Maybe that's why we have lost some people.

For new Exercisers:

Feel free to join us. You set your own goals. You can keep the same goals week-to-week, or modify them. You decide if you accomplished them. Check in once a week to let us know how you did last week, and to set goals for the following week.