Hi All,

I'm curious if there are any long-term Avonex Users Age 60+ who are still maintaining Avonex tx? Do you plan to stay on tx after age 65+? If you switched from Avonex tx, why did you choose to do so (progression, needle fatigue, etc.?).

I'll be turning 50 shortly, and am curious about my fellow long-term Avonex users. I've been self-injecting Avonex since September 1997 (dx May 1994), and despite a few mild relapses (2003, 2008) my MRIs have been stable. I've had slow progression (bladder, fatigue getting worse with age or MS?).

But, presently, it's been nearly 20 years that I've been on Avonex tx and am curious who else is "with me" or has a similar story. Do you plan to continue indefinitely or stop at age 65?

Thanks, in advance, for your input!