Dear Attorney Jamie,

First of all, thank you for volunteering your services on this website.

Along with myself, I receive a SSDI check in the name of my minor daughter. The first time I got it, neither my husband or I knew minors of disabled parents received any assistance. We needed it! We were blessed!

This summer DD turned 16 and her volunteer job turned into a real job with a paycheck. I have no idea about her W-4s, W-2s and or what she does when tax time comes. Even with her SSDI check and these little paychecks, she is still making so little she qualifies as "Excempt". My husband and I claim her, so she is not claiming herself, do "0" went on the line.

She was only 3 when we started receiving our much needed SSDI checks and I can't believe she is actually 16 now (I may have slept for 8 of the 16 years...could be why the time seem to pass so quick! ).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I was flying by the seat of my pants with those W-4s. No paycheck for her unless that was done, so I did my best.