Hey guys! It's been a few months since I was on here. Well, long story short, I was taken off Tec this past Monday. My platelets had been fluctuating back and forth between low and low/normal count. My neuro was monitoring my platelet counts with lab work every 2 months. I had blood drawn in April and they were 133. Pretty close to normal. Well I had blood drawn last week and my platelet count came back at 54!?!! Holy mother of god! Of course I freaked!

So my neuro ran a full liver panel this past Monday and said my liver looks good so that isn't what's causing the platelets to drop....clearly it's the Tec. She said if I got to 50 or below they would have had to do a transfusion. (side note, my platelets on Monday were 58, so they are coming back up).

I went and saw her today and while I hate to go on anything else or anything at all, I am pretty much resigned to Gilenya.

Anyone go from Tec and Gilenya and have a good experience? I don't think I can take a horror story right now.