Hi again, Five weeks ago I woke up with low back, outer hip and thigh pain. I could barely walk. I saw a dr. but not my regular one as she had the day off. He said it's Sciatica and to use Aspercreme. Yeah, that didn't work so I saw another dr.(my regular doc off again) at same clinic who sent me to PT, after an x-ray showed spine and hips ok. The therapist did all kinds of tests and said that it's not Sciatica and my spine seems fine, no signs of herniated discs.

She said I have muscle weakness and have to strengthen my core to help with that. She also checked my reflexes and I nearly kicked her!!! I was told to warn any doctors that do this test so they don't get kicked, lol. She was so nice and friendly! Anyway, three days later I awoke and all pain was gone! It had left just the same as it arrived! I saw her again a few days later and she was as perplexed as I was! She had me do some stretches and we both agreed it would be silly to keep seeing her when I had no pain at all.

These symptoms just keep getting weirder. I see an MS specialist next week in Pittsburg, and his reviews sound promising. He listens carefully and is patient and writes down notes and gives you a copy. I'm not getting my hopes up, but it sure would be nice if he can figure this all out. At the very least I hope he doesn't just drop me like the others and helps me find an answer. I will update when and if I get any answers. Thanks so much to all of you on this site. You are all so kind and helpful to all of us who are scared, worried and confused. After a while all our individual stories probably sound the same to you, but you still help us to feel better.