Let me preface this by saying I truly feel for everyone affected by MS. I cannot imagine how difficult it is for someone to go through this. I felt the best way to answer some questions is to come to you all. I don't know what to do or think and I'm afraid for my Dad.

My father has been dating a woman for the last 2 years who claims she has MS. There are countless incidents of things happening that just don't make sense and I've caught her in multiple lies, so I really don't even know if she has MS in the first place. I feel horrible for saying that, let me add. They mentioned a situation at a hospital here when she first moved to be with him, where the doctor told her it's all in her head and that she doesn't have MS. She went in for a pain crisis at the time. When I asked later (after many other red flags happening) she said it was because the doc didnt have her records to prove it.

I feel like she has some kind of psychosis going on. There have been multiple times she has told my dad that his ex has bugged his phone/email/computer etc. He keeps changing his number. She says she used to work in some criminal justice IT thing back when she was younger (she is almost 50 now) so she "knows when it's bugged". Their debit card info have been stolen many times, jewelry stolen from the back of his truck when they were moving, all of her paperwork and medical info from when she was married to ex who was a disabled vet and not living anymore, etc. WAY too many instances of just odd things happening to them.

I have had so many warning bells go off about her it isn't funny. I just had a baby 9 weeks ago and don't even want them coming over. She is on a TON of narcotics, patches, etc- morphine, fentanyl, and more and still is walking. She apparently has had so many seizures she isn't allowed to drive..?

When leaving our house this last time, she had some pain putting the strap of her shoe on and said she was about to seize so my dad caught her. I'm a nurse and it was weird watching..I felt like it wasn't really a seizure? Then she got up and was out of it and continued walking with my dad to go to his truck. Are seizures common with MS?

My grandmother and Aunt are concerned too about her making this stuff up. Apparently she now has sores all over her face and my dad told my grandma it was from an amoeba?! I'm beginning to think it's drugs or psychosis or something.

Also, I'm pretty sure my dad thinks she is getting ready to die soon because he mentioned they were going to take a trip here in a bit and she quickly was like, "noo, shhh it's ok, dont talk about that right now." and he gave me this look like, "it's bad." Half the time I think she is the one texting on his phone to me..saying things like she is very sick, it's so bad, stage 4 etc yet wouldn't respond back when I said something I know he would respond to about my other sister. Then says "Stage 4 MS, it's bad. But I love her". Just strange.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Stage 4 MS one of the longest stages?? Is everyone in late-stage MS to the point of not being able to walk/feed themselves- in bed or wheel chair? Because she isn't. She's walking in wedges when we see her, but of course needs to hold on to my dad because she is swaying around and slurring her speech.

I'm so confused and need guidance! I want to confront my dad and tell him the truth, that I am not comfortable around this woman and I don't want her around my son and daughter, because that's the truth. My nana thinks I should say something too...I think she is too scared to say something.

What should I do? Does this sound like she has Late Stage MS?