Yesterday I had my "Medicare Annual Wellness Visit" - my first such visit! The time with the doctor was less than five minutes. I should mention that I see my PCP every six months for several medical problems. I was unaware that this visit was my "annual medicare wellness visit". The doctor didn't even listen to my heart and lungs; actually, the doctor didn't touch me at all! A nurse took my temperature, blood pressure and pulse. I was given a two page questionnaire with questions that basically asked if I could take care of myself..... The nurse gave me a "cognitive exam". What month is this? What year is this? Count backwards from 20. My medication list wasn't discussed only to ask if there was had change to my meds - the list of the medication wasn't mentioned at all.
Does anyone know what the purpose of the exam is? I certainly have MS issues - horrible fatigue, cognitive issues, spasticity, etc etc.