I have been the head surgery tech at my clinic for about 2 years now. I very rarely have shifts where I do anything besides surgery. I love this shift since I get to leave at 3 and with my insomnia I am out of energy most days by 4 and have no motivation to work or do anything.

My PM mentioned that a girl is transferring from another clinic who was a head surgery tech over there. While she will not still be in that position, she asked me if I am OK with doing a few less surgery days to ďbe fairĒ.

I honestly do not think I can work as many hours as the other shifts would be. I already work one long shift a week now and it is rough. The hours I have now are one of the reasons I have stayed at my job, even when we had the worst human being ever as our PM. (he lasted 2 months Ė 3 people quit).

I donít want her to think I am asking for special treatment, but since finding out about this disease my insomnia has gotten 100 times worse. I am not sure how I can explain my problem to her without it sounding like I am asking for special treatment.

Any advice on how I should approach this? This new girl isnít coming until November, but I want to be prepared on how to handle this situation. I thought about asking if I could just work a half day morning shift, but again thatís not something many people do so I would feel like I was asking for special treatment.

A year ago I was always willing to work open-close any day I was needed. My insomnia was bad, but I had learned to deal. Now with getting 4 hours of sleep a night if I am lucky I donít think I can do that anymore.

If I could just learn how to sleep I would be OK , but since I have had insomnia since I was a little girl I donít think that will ever happen.