Hello Everyone,

I have not been well since May. I've had 4 uti's since may and have been on 4 antibiotics. I have been having neuropathic burning pain in feet and legs. This would feel better when I would sit down. I upped my dose of Neurontin to 2700mgs. a day. But to no avail. In Aug Neuro weaned me off of Neurontin and started me on Lyrica 100mgs twice a day.

About a wk ago when I took my last antibiotic, I was sitting down when my feet started burning then my legs on up until my arms and hands were on fire. I called my DH who was about two hours away and told him I needed to go to the ER. Of course I was crying at this time because it hurt so bad.

I was able to get my Neuro's nurse on the phone and I was crying so bad and she told to take something to calm me down and go to the ER. I took a half of mg of Xanax. and as I started to calm down my pain started to get better, by the time I got to ER my pain turned to a buzzing, bug crawling feeling.

I was tested for a UTI and it was clear. Blood work showed I had very low sodium. They gave me an IV of sodium. The ER neuro said it could have been caused by coming off of Neurontin and going on Lyrica. They sent me home with an addictive pain med. called Tramadol which I did take one when pain started again on feet and legs and it helped.

I have since started taking 100mg. of Lyrica 3 x a day. I still have some burning pain but not anything that sent me to the ER. I did have a couple of days when I felt no pain but now I still have some when I walk, which I am tolerating.

I believe God is with me everyday and it helps me to get thru ea day. For those who pray I could use a prayer.

I know how hard this disease is on everyone and I Thank you for being here and listening.