Going back to the questions about fatigue/insomnia. I know that a lot of us take naps and some people tend to sleep for hours and hours a day. So I'm noticing my naps becoming much more frequent on a daily basis. Along with this my body is more sore... hips, legs, arms, back etc.

Everyone recommends being more active... moving around, even exercising and I agree that movement helps with the body aches. But at 68 years old and feeling absolutely sick day in and day out, I can't make myself move a whole lot. So I'm wondering how people get around these conditions.

I was supposed to see a chiropractor today to talk about a constant problem with my shoulder, but I cancelled because I started getting the dizzy, woozy, exhausted feeling. Have also had more palpitations lately, which causes more anxiety and more fatigue.

I guess my question is how many of us are "resting" more than usual. Sorry, I'm having a hard time bringing my thoughts together and forming a sensible question.