Hi everyone,
I have been in chronic pain for five years now. I started falling about four years ago. That is when the fun started. I began seeing all kinds of specialists and found out so much. My back was destroyed and surgery was not an option. I also found out that my heart was messed up.

Then I get told that I have fibromyalgia.
But now I am losing the ability to use my legs. I am falling more often. I have drop foot, and so many other symptoms of ms. My primary said how could we have missed it. She immediately prescribed a walker and referred me to a new neurologist.
He is scheduling EMG (Upper and lower) before I get the spinal tap. My insurance company is giving us the run around.

Also when I told my best friend about this diagnosis, she actually googled it and was putting me through the 20 questions.. Who would lie about this ?
I feel like everyone is calling me a liar. Why would I lie?