Over the past almost year I have had pain in my right knee that IS NOT joint pain.

The kicker is that this same knee is the one part of my body that has suffered the most in terms of falling on it or twisting it. It has happened to varying degrees at least a half dozen times.

About one year ago I did both in close succession. First twisting it stepping up onto a curb and losing my balance and a few weeks later a bad bout of vertigo caused me to fall directly on it.

What is bothering me is this. I would expect pain in healing etc...but after it had healed and I was pain free from the injury, a new pain appeared along with weakness.

It's a burning, searing pain that feels more like its in the ligaments or muscle and not in the joint. The pain is especially bad when I'm on my feet and hills and stairs are my worst enemy because of both the pain and weakness. I'm forty-four years old and when it's bothering me I need to support myself to climb stairs, and avoid hills, which is hard to do where I live when walking my dog.

This pain also fluctuates in the sense that for weeks at a time its really bad, and then fades but is still there and as of yesterday it is gone. This has happened before and the pain always comes back. It might be a couple days or more but it always comes back.

Anti-inflammatory meds don't work, nor do pain relieving creams including Live Relief, Aleve and extra strength Advil. The pain and weakness is causing me to compensate and my hip on the same side is causing me grief too.

On a side note that may or may not be related I have issues with my right arm from shoulder to fingertips as well. Thus far without further diagnosis of other symptoms my Nurse Practitioner has determined tendonitis in my shoulder and suspected early signs of carpal tunnel in my forearm.

They too are pains and issues that come and go in duration and severity and it too becomes worse with movement.

I am in Limbo. EEG results (suspected focal seizures, and anomalies in the left temporal lobe) lead to MRI in May so hoping for more info after that. I'm not jumping to conclusions, this has just been the best forum considering how varying all my symptoms and flares of pain etc...are.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.