Iím currently unemployed just staying afloat with a good delivery gig to cover my bills for now, itís peanuts but Iím about to be in school in sept. 2019. I could really use a career where I can support myself but not sure which ones I would fit with.

l be enrolled in community justice studies and the occupations I can specialize in are as follows:

Correctional peace officer
Correctional service worker
Probation officer
Community corrections officer
Reintegration worker
Remand/attendance centre worker

Police officer
RCMP officer
Bylaw enforcement officer
Commercial vehicle enforcement officer
Calgary Transit Peace officer

Youth group home worker
Community support youth worker
Young offender centre worker
Youth attendance centre worker
Youth reintegration worker
Youth assessment centre worker
Not-for-profit youth services worker
Aboriginal youth worker
Youth recreational programming worker

And also disability studies.

im pretty much early in my dx and sx free just canít do what I used to (uncomfortable on scaffolding) in construction at heightss.

just thinking about my future career and wondering welcome any opinions.

much appreciated