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-Thanks for the reply Daisy.
-Too me a correctional officer is a super exciting career to me and so fulfilling and satisfying would make me so happy being under successful MS treatment and my functions pretty much restored (running stairs and jumping, all of it ), still improving with workouts and being active I am sure I can pass the physical assessments i watched the COPAT (Correctional Officer Physical Assessment Test) video and its very basic stuff. I'm very athletic my whole life and still am thankfully

so I noticed you said earlier you are doing some delivery stuff to make extra money. What platform are you using if you don;t mind me asking? I've been doing that since I am kind of broke... so just seeing if there is anything else I am missing.
-Im delivering for "skip the dishes" they should be an american equivalent i the states tho its in some american cities right now. I got a new ford focus that is fuel efficient and know the peak times and areas so i can do about $2000 monthly which got me through this winter and still going strong. Lots of hours tho to make $100-$150 canadian daily but thats all I got for now.[/QUOTE]

Good luck in school. You will do great .

I've been doing several delivery platforms to get ahead ( or get my bills paid off as it may be right now). Kind of switching back and forth between them to decide which is the best. I keep changing my mind but it is so different every day.