Is ocrevus for non-relapsing SPMS patients?

A bit more about me: I've been dx since 1994 (age 26), and been on Avonex since 1998 (age 30), my MRI's have been stable and I've had very little disease progression. Although fatigue and cognitive issues nudged me out of the workforce by my mid-forties, I am now in my early 50's and on disability retirement. Overall, I feel quite thankful that Avonex has slowed my MS, and I tolerate it well.

My new neuro suggested Ocrevus (if we saw any changes on my newest MRI) but thankfully no changes! But, I feel my "relapsing" periods have diminished as I have aged now age 52 (on tx 21+ years). Of course, I will discuss this further with my neuro when I see him for my yearly follow up, but I always check in with my fellow MSers too.

Thanks, in advance, for sharing your input!