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A note to mention that things in general have been pretty darn good lately. Should state my gratitude in writing... never know when a reminder will be in order!

Exercise has shown improvement lately. Honestly the last 4 + weeks appear positive, with visible results! Nothing huge, mind you. But it isn't a plateau, honest. I think it is real and wonder about the heat being a plus (spasticity lessens in my case). Also little or no fatigue... just time necessary for muscle recovery, although muscle spasticity returns too. Sigh...

It may be attributed to attitude. I had the opportunity to help some friends in the limited capacity MS allows. Lending an ear here, a bit of advise even, and some financial support. To different people! Mental and spiritual resolve often lift me to another level. Good simply becomes better when it is shared!

What ever the reason life goes forward and I'll enjoy this day... Even though the dentist looms large in a few hours... gotta go!
Hi Jer

Thanks for sharing!

I think that a little bit of effort and a lot of good attitude both help.

Hoping that your dentist appointment goes well!

Take Care