I just finished the first 5 days of this medication and because of all my excitement want to jump online to read others feedback. I'm surprised to learn it doesn't appear to be a widely used treatment by the online community. I'm part of the UC hospital system here in So. CA and sometimes it feels like they are on the cutting-edge of treatment options. That or maybe the medication has horrific side effects that I'm ignoring 😂 I tried Ocrevus and before that Tecfidera but have been experiencing significant right-sided weakness and walk with a limp in the last few years. Still employed full-time but can see a future on disability. Being the breadwinner and having young children the thought of making this decision sounds unimaginable. Removing the stress out of my life has never been a prescription I've been able to stomach. So, our new strategy is based on the theory that historically we've been treating t-cells when perhaps my MS might be more B-cell driven. Whatever the case, I'm of opinion the next greatest thing is out there somewhere and only a matter of time until we uncover it. I will be sure and update my findings along the way!