Hi all.
I am on my third baclofen pump. My first pump was replaced after 10 years. I had my second one for over 6. Last November I received my current pump.

So here's the thing I have had puffiness on top of my new pump every since I got it. At my first refill my doctor mentioned the puffiness saying it was probably just fluid.

The next refill he mentioned it again and he used a syringe to drain quite a bit of clear fluid off of it. And that has been the routine for each refill since.

So yesterday when I had my pump filled he again seemed unconcerned. But I pressed him on it and asked if it could be baclofen leaking out. He didn't think so but he said we could set up a dye test if I wanted.

So has anyone here had the dye test? I'm just wondering how long it takes. I'm not thrilled about having anything medical done right now but I think I need to find out what's going on.

Thanks for reading this. Ei