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Assistive Technology Financing Programs

MSWorld 04/12/2017

You may have assistive technology (AT) resources in your state that you have never heard of. Because of the Assistive Technology Act, every state must have programs to help people with disabilities get connected to the devices, programs and services that they need. Every state’s programs are different and some are larger than others.

AT Act programs help people to try out devices before they buy them by offering demonstrations an/or loans of equipment. They also have reutilization programs to help people get hooked up with used or refurbished equipment at little or no cost.

If you do have to purchase something, look for your state’s alternative loan programs where you can apply for a low-interest or 0% interest cash loan for the AT device, home modification or vehicle that you need.

Here is how you can find your state’s Assistive Technology programs:

Here is a link to find your state’s Financial Loan Programs:

Click Here to Find Help with Financial Assistance


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