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MSWorld 06/29/2018

PACE is a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE®). Currently, there are 124 PACE programs operating 255 PACE centers in 31 states serving over 45,000 participants. The services it provides will assist seniors in maintaining a high quality of life and retain independence in their homes.

To qualify for PACE services, a person must be age 55 or older, be assessed to meet Kansas’ level of care guidelines, and be approved for services following a PACE assessment. The person must also be able to live safely at home and live in the service area.

Upon acceptance, PACE assesses a person’s medical needs, particularly those associated with old age, such as dementia. PACE can then tailor medical services for that person, such as physical therapy, to keep them in good condition and living in their homes.

They take care of medical needs, including transportation. The center has a clinic and physician on-site to provide fast care if any concerns emerge. This allows the physician to detect any health problems early on and treat them before they become serious. PACE can also coordinate visits with specialists and assist with medication management.

With PACE’s attention, an aging person can spend 83 percent fewer days in a hospital. However, PACE isn’t just a glorified medical facility. It also caters to the social needs seniors have by providing a place for them to interact through activities.

With wonderful reviews, both from disabled adults who have used their care, and from family members who have an elderly parent enrolled in their services. There is a monthly cost and it is not inexpensive. However, the investment will actually cover nursing home costs if and when the patient can no longer live in their own home safely. Here is a fact sheet with additional information about PACE:…0DRAFT%201.pdf

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